• A working guitar in your computer with the World's largest digital chord book
  • Set-up and play any chord and pick sequence that may be played on a real guitar
  • Simple point and click interface
  • Chord changes and picks shown at chosen tempo
  • See and hear the guitar play your music
  • Audio tuner for any chosen tuning
  • Compose a melody and select harmonizing chords
  • Select a scale, select harmonizing chords and compose a melody for each chord
  • Sequencer plays back the chords and melody
  • Select provided chords and picks or design your own
  • All possible chords in standard , 43 non-standard and any custom tuning
Beginners -
Learn chords and pick styles - see the strings being picked - hear the correct sound - slow down playback to suit your level.  Use the Chord Filter to find the simplest possible chords.

Non-Musicians -
Copy in chord and pick sequences from a music sheet by simply pointing & clicking with the mouse.   Enter just the chords or add the melody as well. Add an automatic bass line. Play back and sing-along!
Advanced players -
Chord Buster can instantly find all possible chord shapes in any tuning.   Research new chord shapes with the chord finders.

Composers -
Input a melody and find harmonizing chords.  Select the best-sounding chords.  Export the Chord Buster sequence in MIDI format for your notation software.
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